Locke & Key: Demonic Possession

Season two of Locke and Key is here and it’s just as intense as the first season! Throughout this season we see a lot of themes of demonic possession where humans seem to be completely taken over by demons and have no control at all anymore. Is that what demonic activity is like Biblically? Nerd Church Pastor Jamin Bradley weighs in. Join the conversation on our Discord! https://discord.com/invite/qSUgt2p

We Recommend, "The Most Reluctant Convert" 1208-Bit *Nerd Church

Join the discussion on our Discord channel here:https://discord.com/invite/qSUgt2pWatch Jamin's musical journey through Narnia here:https://youtu.be/EOGAy4p6psYListen to Jamin's musical journey through Narnia on Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/album/5CcoBij6cRVPjtnKveZ81i?si=cF4ZNJ81QFSg-IJXbaQlgg

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