You can’t have proper Jesus justice without forgiveness and reconciliation. It helps to have a better understanding of Biblical forgiveness in order to see how all of these elements play together, which is what we cover in this message. Message starts at 19:05 in the video above, or look for it on the 1208PODCAST.

The Different Callings of Church Leadership (APEST)

While all Christians are “called,” those who are called to lead the church often fit into one of five different Biblical callings. In this episode we take a deeper look at those different positions and explain how all Christians are also called to pursue each position in some way.

Signs and Wonders Then and Now

Signs and wonders not only happened in the Bible, but there are numerous stories of them happening today. However, the ones that happen today don’t always match the ones that happened in the Bible. What do we do with that? Let’s talk about signs and wonders and other phenomena on today’s episode of the JXN…

How Does the Gift of Tongues Work?

In our last episode we talked about the Biblical reason for why tongues exist. Now we talk more in depth about using the gift and how it works.