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Bible Women in Ministry 1208PODCAST

This Mother's Day, Jamin gives various glimpses into the Bible, illustrating its egalitarian view of women and men in ministry, ruling the world together with the same call and image.
  1. Bible Women in Ministry
  2. The Misuse of the Bible to Endorse Racism
  3. The Not So Great Disciples
  4. Jesus Prays for Peter
  5. Jesus Loves Our Oppressors Too


The JXN Cloud is an online church community. Three times a week, Jamin, Olivia and Casey host a YouTube morning show that is also exported to the JXN Cloud Podcast for listening.

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Genesis Presents: A Trilogy of Sister-Wife Lies JXN Cloud Podcast

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  1. Genesis Presents: A Trilogy of Sister-Wife Lies
  2. How Does Abraham Know What God Looks Like?
  3. The Deuteronomy 32:8 View of the Tower of Babel
  4. Don’t Be a Nimrod
  5. The 70 Nations, their gods, and Jesus


Join Pastors Tylar Salter and Jamin Bradley as they dive into themes of special interest to nerdy Christians. 1208-Bit is a church built for nerds based out of 1208 Greenwood Church in Jackson, MI and this podcast is a part of the JXN Cloud Network.

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Captain American Falcon 1208-Bit *Nerd Church

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  1. Captain American Falcon
  2. Voyagers Go Walking into Chaos
  3. Giant Lizard VS Giant Monkey
  4. Four Hour Justice
  5. Dungeons & Christians


Scotland and Michigan collide as environmental scientist Erin Shott and urban Pastor Jamin Bradley talk all things science and Christianity. The Erinvironment is a part of the JXN Cloud, an online church community.

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Environmental Idolatry The Erinvironment

Today we discuss chapter 12 of Michael Shellenberger's book, "Apocalypse Never," which has some interesting things to say about how environmentalism can become a religion. Seeing as how our show is on the topic of the environment and Christianity, we thought it would be good to address these thoughts.
  1. Environmental Idolatry
  2. Apocalypse Never
  3. Alien Theology
  4. Bringing Eden to Your Community
  5. Leaving Behind an Earth to Inherit


Jamin hosts weekly interviews with churches around the Southern Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church and other special guests.

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Join Jamin in going significantly deeper into the Bible with JXN Cloud’s Bible study podcast.

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Noah’s Ark is a famous story that many Christians have heard over and over again. But our modern minds want to know: Was it fact or legend? Working off of the book The Lost World of the Flood, I offer a conclusion that hybrids the two possibilities.
  1. The Flood
  2. Enoch and the Nephilim
  3. Are We All Descendants of Adam and Eve?
  4. Are There Errors in the Bible?
  5. The Book of Nature