Check out Jamin’s weekly Sunday messages at 1208 Greenwood Church.

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The Law of Christ 1208PODCAST

Romans 3 is a monumental verse in the Bible that shifts the way we understand the law under the New Covenant. In this message Jamin takes a look at how the law was distributed in the Old Testament and what the law becomes in the New Testament.
  1. The Law of Christ
  2. Paul's Theological Adjustment
  3. A Church Like Nintendo
  4. Good Works Are Required
  5. This Message is Not Ready Yet


The JXN Cloud is an online church community. Three times a week, Jamin, Olivia and Casey host a YouTube morning show that is also exported to the JXN Cloud Podcast for listening.

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Esau, Jacob & Narnia JXN Cloud Podcast

NOTE: Sorry about some of the mic distortion. We're currently in the process of changing our studio equipment and are trying to make sure it's all up to our standards. We hope to have it fixed up soon!
  1. Esau, Jacob & Narnia
  2. God’s Power in Human Weakness
  3. When God Arranges a Marriage
  4. Prophetic Promises at the Final Hour
  5. Abraham, Isaac and the Angel of the Lord


Join Pastors Tylar Salter and Jamin Bradley as they dive into themes of special interest to nerdy Christians. 1208-Bit is a church built for nerds based out of 1208 Greenwood Church in Jackson, MI and this podcast is a part of the JXN Cloud Network.

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Black Widow in a White Suit with Red Captain America 1208-Bit *Nerd Church

We saw Black Widow opening night and we're ready to talk about it on the 1208-Bit *Nerd Church Podcast! This takes us into some pretty weighty themes of human trafficking, abuse, dissociation, mind control, and even—wait for it—witchcraft. Because of some of these themes, viewer discretion is advised as some may find some of these themes triggering.
  1. Black Widow in a White Suit with Red Captain America
  2. Good Morning Usnavi
  3. A Quiet Place 2 in a Quiet Theater, Too
  4. Captain American Falcon
  5. Voyagers Go Walking into Chaos


Scotland and Michigan collide as environmental scientist Erin Shott and urban Pastor Jamin Bradley talk all things science and Christianity. The Erinvironment is a part of the JXN Cloud, an online church community.

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Environmental Idolatry The Erinvironment

Today we discuss chapter 12 of Michael Shellenberger's book, "Apocalypse Never," which has some interesting things to say about how environmentalism can become a religion. Seeing as how our show is on the topic of the environment and Christianity, we thought it would be good to address these thoughts.
  1. Environmental Idolatry
  2. Apocalypse Never
  3. Alien Theology
  4. Bringing Eden to Your Community
  5. Leaving Behind an Earth to Inherit


Jamin hosts weekly interviews with churches around the Southern Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church and other special guests.

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Join Jamin in going significantly deeper into the Bible with JXN Cloud’s Bible study podcast.

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The Rebellion of the Tower of Babel Cloudies with a Chance of Scripture

God wasn’t upset that human beings built a tall building. Modern archeology and Hebrew word studies reveal that there’s a whole lot more going in the story of the Tower of Babel. Learn more in today’s podcast episode.
  1. The Rebellion of the Tower of Babel
  2. Seventy
  3. What Happened Between Noah and Ham?
  4. Noah’s Eden
  5. The Flood