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Choose the New Thing 1208PODCAST

Old jeans with new patches. Old wineskins with new wine. These are some analogies that Jesus puts forth to show us the incompatibility of his ways and the old ways. This has a million applications to us today, but first we need to understand how the old is embodied in the new.
  1. Choose the New Thing
  2. Evangelistic Multiplication
  3. Forgiveness is a Power
  4. Holy Spirit
  5. Skin


The JXN Cloud is an online church community. Three times a week, Jamin, Olivia and Casey host a YouTube morning show that is also exported to the JXN Cloud Podcast for listening.

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The Angel of the Abyss JXN Cloud Podcast

The first four angelic trumpets fly by pretty quick in Revelation, but things slow down when the fifth trumpet sounds. Suddenly there's an angel with a key to the Abyss and weird locusts and all kinds of things. Who's this angel? What are the locusts? In this episode we frame the angel as a bad guy, which is taken by many scholarly interpreters. In the next episode we'll address the possibility of it being a good guy.
  1. The Angel of the Abyss
  2. The Angelic Plague Trumpets of Egypt?
  3. Incense Prayers and Angel Priests
  4. Why is there Silence in Heaven?
  5. Why Do Angels Answer their Own Questions?


Join Pastors Tylar Salter and Jamin Bradley as they dive into themes of special interest to nerdy Christians. 1208-Bit is a church built for nerds based out of 1208 Greenwood Church in Jackson, MI and this podcast is a part of the JXN Cloud Network.

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God’s Family 1208-Bit *Nerd Church

As Dom always says: "Family." And here's a look at what God's family looks like.
  1. God’s Family
  2. The Spiritual Inspiration of Lewis and Tolkien
  3. The Wonderful Christmas Angel
  4. Behemoth
  5. Rahab


Scotland and Michigan collide as environmental scientist Erin Shott and urban Pastor Jamin Bradley talk all things science and Christianity. The Erinvironment is a part of the JXN Cloud, an online church community.

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Environmental Idolatry The Erinvironment

Today we discuss chapter 12 of Michael Shellenberger's book, "Apocalypse Never," which has some interesting things to say about how environmentalism can become a religion. Seeing as how our show is on the topic of the environment and Christianity, we thought it would be good to address these thoughts.
  1. Environmental Idolatry
  2. Apocalypse Never
  3. Alien Theology
  4. Bringing Eden to Your Community
  5. Leaving Behind an Earth to Inherit


Jamin hosts weekly interviews with churches around the Southern Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church and other special guests.

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Mobilizing Prayer The SMC Podcast

In these next four episodes, we will reintroduce the sails we are hoisting as a Conference. The first sail (which is critical to all the others) is "mobilizing prayer." We believe that prayer is the “ignition source of a Spirit-fueled movement.” And we are calling the people of God to increased hunger for a work of God in our midst manifested through committed prayer.
  1. Mobilizing Prayer
  2. Hoisting the Sails to Catch the Wind
  3. The Destination of Our Journey
  4. The Mission & Metaphor
  5. Five Rhythms of Disciple-Making


Join Jamin in going significantly deeper into the Bible with JXN Cloud’s Bible study podcast.

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Pregnancy and Childbirth in the Ancient World Cloudies with a Chance of Scripture

Given today’s technology, pregnancy and childbirth are much more efficient than they once were. In today’s podcast episode, we gaze into the world of the Ancient Near East and see that miscarriages and infant deaths were commonplace. We also see the cultural reasons as to why parents wanted children—and lots of them! Learning all of this helps us see the stories in the Bible a little more clearly.
  1. Pregnancy and Childbirth in the Ancient World
  2. The Rebellion of the Tower of Babel
  3. Seventy
  4. What Happened Between Noah and Ham?
  5. Noah’s Eden