I am an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church, the communications director for the Southern Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church and the lead pastor of 1208GREENWOOD in downtown Jackson, MI. I graduated from Spring Arbor University with a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry and a whole lot of worship arts credits. My education continues as I chase after the Holy Spirit and keep my head in scholarly books full of theology and Biblical studies. Logos Bible Software is always running on one of my devices somewhere. You can learn what I’m learning by keeping up with my books, my podcasts, my music, or my blog.

Our “Dinner Church” services are held every Sunday night from 4:30-7pm and include a time of eating, music, and preaching. These kind of services have proved to be an easy way to reach the poor in our neighborhood and it has also propelled our entire church to be active in ministry together, rather than just attend church.

Our “Nerd Church” services are held every Monday from 5:30-9pm and include a time of gaming and conversational preaching. These services are aimed at reaching a Comic-Con kind of crowd.

My wife Jodi and I have two energetic kids named Beckett and Jericho who love to keep us on our toes. Outside of pastoring and writing books, I am a self-proclaimed nerd who loves video games, board games, grilling, entertaining guests, and writing, recording and playing music.