Alien Theology: The God of Two Trillion Galaxies

In October of 2016, our estimate of how many galaxies there are in the universe jumped from 200 billion to 2 trillion, which begs the question: is there life outside of our planet? And if so, what does that do to our theology? Unless we come in contact with extraterrestrials, we can only speculate an answer based on what we know of God and science. In Alien Theology, Pastor Bradley enters into a conversation that started before Christ and considers the possibility of alien life in light of Scripture, science, and logic.

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A Taste of Jesus: Growing the Fruit of the Spirit

A Taste of Jesus is an in-depth look at the characteristics that are meant to make up the Christian’s life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Bradley explains just how radical and counter-cultural these fruits are when they are grown in fullness. These are the characteristics of the upside-down, backwards Kingdom of Heaven and when we live like we’re residents there, we begin to give people a real taste of Jesus, who is living inside of us via the Holy Spirit. This is by no means meant to be an easy book to absorb, for the fruit of the spirit constantly butts heads with our flesh—but if you feel uncomfortable, maybe that’s okay. Embrace it and see what God does.

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“If you’re looking for the typical, easy to read, feel-good Christian book—this is not the one. A Taste of Jesus discusses the Fruits of the Spirit through a comprehensive, theological, relevant, thorough, and experiential understanding. Bradley reminds us and challenges us to know and believe that God’s love is unconditional, Jesus’ example is an attainable lifestyle, the Holy Spirit is moving and operating in His entirety, Scripture is relevant and authoritative, and the world–although influential–should never be the final word. I’ve known Pastor Jamin for a while, and what I’ve read in this book is what I have personally witnessed in his day-to-day discipline and ministry. As you pick up this book, have your Bible close by and a friend with whom to read and discuss.”

-Pastor Steven Hlatky


  • On page 401, I reference the poor widow’s offering. I accidentally took the story out of context by saying that a crowd was giving money to Jesus to support his ministry, but that was not happening at all. The people were actually giving their money to the temple.
  • I don’t know if I need to redact the lengthy section of my book that refers to the wise men or simply rework it, but Bible scholar Michael Heiser’s work on the birth of Christ is reframing how I think about that part of the Christmas story. You can see Heiser’s podcast episode, “What Day Was Jesus Born? for all the fine details or read his book, Reversing Hermon.