Are There Errors in the Bible?

Many of us have grown up with an “inerrantist” view of the Bible that explains the Scriptures as perfect in every single way, down to the very last comma. But many who have taken the Bible seriously have come across many discrepancies that seem to say otherwise. What does this mean? Is it perfect? Or…

The Authority of Forgiveness

The Bible talks about forgiveness in a weird way that makes it look like a power of sorts that’s been imparted to the church, partially for evangelistic purposes. Jamin elaborates using the Scriptures. Check out this podcast episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

Kaiju of Biblical Proportions Now Available

I released a new short book today! Check out the trailer above and then grab a full color physical copy or Kindle download on Amazon! Check out the synopsis below and get a preview at some of the content by listening to my message from this past week on the 1208PODCAST wherever podcasts are found….

New Audiobook Just Released!

What a relief! No audiobook took me longer to record than the one for my latest book—and due to the holidays, no audiobook took longer to get approved than this one! That being said, audiobook listeners, I’m happy to finally release to you, “The Rush and the Rest.” See if the preview interests you and…

New Book in the Works

The picture above is not an official cover or anything—just something I mocked up today for a new book I’m working on called: Kaiju of Biblical Proportions.  Kaiju, of course, are the giant creatures in Japanese monster movies. It was partially the artistic ideas that I could borrow from that movie-genre that made it impossible to…