Confronting Christian Nationalism

In light of recent events at the capital, we pause to talk about the dangers and effects of Christian nationalism. We spend a lot of time in this episode critiquing this issue from the perspective of the book of Revelation, which properly understood, has a lot of implications on the topic.

Magical Themes in Entertainment for the Discerning Christian

Recently on our Nerd Church Discord (click the link to join us), a friend said, “I want to hear people’s thoughts on anime when it comes to the supernatural/demonic. Is there a place for some anime and where do we draw the line?” What seemed like a quick, innocent question turned into a day long…

Peace on Earth, Good Nerds to Men

In this episode we talk about what counts as a Christmas movie and what Christmas movies are our favorites. And towards the end we also talk about the good and bad of American Christmas.

Christians Must Bring Jesus Into It

Jesus prayed for unity in the church, but he never meant for us to achieve it by us ignoring his difficult teachings. As 2020 continues to build pressure, the inner feelings of Christians have burst out all over the place, showing us that our peace and unity is more pretend than we thought and that…

Divine Nature Clearly Seen

My good friend Erin and I just did our first episode for a new podcast called, The Erinvironment. She’s an environmental scientist who currently lives in Scotland where she got her masters, and I’m an urban pastor from Michigan. We thought the intersection between science and Christianity could be a fun conversation and so we just…