The Cross is About More than Forgiveness

Join us as we play some Blather Round in Jackbox 7 and then chat about the cross! Modern Christianity has a pretty intense focus on the cross being about forgiveness and substitutionary atonement. But the New Testament writers actually saw a lot of different themes surrounding the cross. In this one we talk about how…

Love, Peace and Racism

In light of what the world is going through, we take a pause in our new series to talk candidly about racism. You can watch above or download the audio on the 1208PODCAST on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play or listen on our webpage.

Spiritual Social Justice

Last week I talked about my love for social justice and social activism. This week I offer some critique on the subject, for the way the world does social justice and the way that Jesus does social justice are grounded in very different themes. Check out this podcast episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe…

150,000 Years of Debt

In today’s message we look at Jesus’ parable about a man who was released from a great debt, just to go and force one of his own debtors pay him. In this parable, Jesus teaches us to forgive others whatever their debt, as many times as necessary, for God has forgiven us our incredible debt….

Fighting for Justice with Jesus

I have met the god of the conservatives and the god of the liberals and I have found neither to be Jesus. True, there are some themes on both sides that overlap with Jesus, but neither side embodies all that he stands for—and both sides are, at best, severely truncated on his teaching. And so,…