The Humble God of the Universe

Isaiah 2 calls us to be humble and God Himself images that quality to us. As we zoom out across the universe in this message, we begin to see just how small we are—though also how big we are in the eyes of God. Listen: Apple Podcasts. Spotify. Google Podcasts.

Finding God in Nature

After playing “Stump the Pastor,” Resident Scientist Erin Shott join us on the JXN Cloud to talk about finding God in nature and the practice of forest bathing.

The Edenic Mountain of God

In Isaiah 2, the rivers of all nations are flowing up God’s mountain and people are turning their weapons into gardening equipment. What’s going on here? Listen: Apple Podcasts. Spotify. Google Podcasts.

The Angel of the Lord Becomes Human?

Every year I hope to learn something new about the Christmas story, because it’s nice to preach a new perspective on an old story we all know. So here’s my Christmas thoughts this year. Throughout the Old Testament, God sometimes appears to people in physical/visual form. Sometimes this visual form is known as the Word…

Would God Make Aliens?

Thanks to RELEVANT Magazine for publishing my latest submission, “Would God Make Aliens?” You can check it out here!