Jesus Was Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Many of us have made Jesus so inhuman that he becomes, as Paul Wallace says, a lot like Superman: he’s an alien, an immigrant from an unearthly realm sent to us—yes, by his father—from the heavens. He looks like one of us but is not really one of us. Like Clark Kent, his humble exterior…

Fully God, Fully Man

It is a common statement that “Jesus was fully God and fully man,” but it seems people rarely address how that works out. How can Jesus be fully God and fully man? If we take a close look, we see that the Bible actually explains this conundrum a little more fully than we thought at…

Parables: The Rush & the Rest Preview

According to Jesus, He spoke in parables so people wouldn’t understand. Apparently, we need “the secret of the kingdom of God” (Mk 4:11) to see the meaning being concealed.

Jesus’ Power: The Rush & the Rest Preview

NEW BOOK PREVIEW PART 3: Why did God baptize Jesus with the Holy Spirit and what does that mean for us? CLARIFICATION: The gospel of John does show Jesus being baptized in the Holy Spirit before He walks in power, but some have wondered if Jesus could always do miracles because his mother asks him…

Book Trailer

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