The Angel of the Lord Becomes Human?

Every year I hope to learn something new about the Christmas story, because it’s nice to preach a new perspective on an old story we all know. So here’s my Christmas thoughts this year. Throughout the Old Testament, God sometimes appears to people in physical/visual form. Sometimes this visual form is known as the Word…

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

As we continue our series on, “God’s Grand Framework,” we address the question of why bad things happen if God is omnipotent and desires a world full of love and goodness? Watch above or listen to this episode on the 1208GREENWOOD webpage or by subscribing to the 1208PODCAST on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

Queen Jadis: Descendant of Rebellions

C.S. Lewis was very much into mythology (especially Norse mythology, which somehow led him to work for MI6 for a brief moment). When you become aware of this trait in Lewis, his writing begins to pop all the more. For example, we see that Lewis incorporated both Biblical and Jewish mythology Lewis into one of…

The Great Symbiosis VS Christmas

The gods of the Ancient Near East expected humanity to serve them and in return they would give humanity what they needed. The Hebrews, however, saw their God in a different light—and Christmas amplifies that light to an incredible degree. Listen to this episode by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play. 

Superhuman Prophets

Growing up, the prophets always came across to me as super-humans. They got all the good experiences of God and everybody else had to receive their Godly experiences vicariously through them. The prophets got to hear God’s voice and everyone else had to use them as a mediator. This saddened me as a child. The…