New Book: God’s Grand Framework

I just released a new book today The Bible has a huge overarching story that sometimes even long time Christians miss. In this short book, I try to connect all the elements together to help people answer some of the big questions of the faith and to understand the bigger vision as to why we’re…

The Biblical Power of Worship Music

A morning devotional on the power of worship, with a few minutes of music at the end so that you can kick your morning off with song and prayer. This video was made for the Facebook Group “Unify Jackson.” Should you desire it, I’ve also uploaded a PDF for further reading, footnotes, and so on.

Guest on Michael Heiser’s Podcast

I was excited to join 3 other pastors from across denominations on Dr. Michael Heiser’s The Naked Bible Podcast to discuss teaching the Bible’s divine council worldview in our churches. It was cool to learn from these other pastors and to be able to express some of what I’ve seen over the years. Check out…

Resurrection and the Environment

It’s another episode of The Erinvironment Podcast! She’s a certified environmentalist and he’s a certified pastor. Erin and Jamin talk about what resurrection actually is and why the environment matters so much in light of it. We’ll dive deeper into this conversation in our 1208TV Easter premiere at 6pm on Sunday here on Facebook, as…

Mission and the Divine Council

Jamin kicks off Reveal Jackson’s first main session with a message about Jesus’ mission in the light of the Divine Council concept seen throughout the Bible. Listen to this episode on the 1208GREENWOOD webpage or by subscribing to the 1208PODCAST on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.