Jesus Rides a Donkey

What’s the significance of Jesus riding a donkey on Palm Sunday? We talk about that and more after playing some Tiny Jenga on the JXN Cloud. Make sure to further join our online church community by logging onto our Discord server to chat about today’s episode! Here’s the link to get in:

The Returned

Matthew puts a detail in his gospel that the other 3 gospels do not: Some of the dead returned to life and walked around Jerusalem. And this is not the only time in the Bible or in history that the Holy Spirit has brought people back to life. Check out this podcast episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s…

The King Enters Jerusalem

In today’s passage, Jesus enters the sacred city Jerusalem and the city celebrates him like a king. But Jesus’ inauguration is very backwards from the kind we know. Check out this podcast episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

The Religious Industry

It was my dream growing up to get signed to a Christian record label and tour the world with my music—a pipe dream for sure, but a dream nonetheless. Every time I lost hope, I would gain it back somehow and dive back into trying. But then the final straw came. I lost a lot…

Walking Boldly to the Cross

We often talk about God wanting to bless us, which causes us to rarely talk about how Jesus called us into persecution with him. But then again, maybe blessing and persecution are the same thing, seeing as how Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of…