Finding God in Nature

After playing “Stump the Pastor,” Resident Scientist Erin Shott join us on the JXN Cloud to talk about finding God in nature and the practice of forest bathing.

Listen as God Made You to Listen

There’s no need to deny the universality of engaging the quiet to hear God’s voice. If a mega-prophet needed to do so, then we need to do so as well. If we need to get quiet to hear ourselves think, then we need it even more so to hear God think too. It is not…

The Book of Nature

It’s often been said that we can study the “Book of Nature” to learn about God. There’s a lot to this. But the Bible also gives us fair reason to be discerning while doing so. Check out this podcast episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

Christian Environmentalism

While many have created a theology that says nature doesn’t matter, Genesis is very much about humanity being put in charge of taking care of the planet. In today’s podcast I express a few reasons why I think Christians often aren’t concerned with environmentalism and then try to show us some passages in a different…

A Scientific-Minded Supernaturalist

Being an avid Charismatic, it’s ironic that I wrote a more scientific book on aliens called, Alien Theology. For before I made myself aware of science, I spent much of my time pursuing the supernatural ways of God. I’ve seen people healed while praying for them. I’ve casted out demons. I’ve had spiritual dreams and…