Musical Creativity

I had a great time on the Fossores Chapter House podcast chatting with Westwinds Pastor David McDonald and Worship Designer Kelly Heath about turntables, theology, worship leading and so on. Check it out on their podcast or watch the video on YouTube!


Our second episode of The Erinvironment is up! Join us as we talk about things like creation care in light of Eden, resurrection life, and more! You can listen above, on Soundcloud, and follow us on Twitter!

Crossroads Sylvania Launches in Hotel

The team at Crossroads Community Church has launched a new location and has plans to launch more! How did they do it and how will they continue to do so? I ask these questions and more in today’s episode. You can listen at The SMC Podcast or on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

Interview with the Chandler Center

So it’s a bit embarrassing really. I was told to get an interview with a man named Tom Jacobs who runs the Chandler Center in Lincoln Park, MI for this week’s SMC Podcast episode. I talked on the phone with him for about half an hour and as we wrapped up I said, ME: Well,…

John Wesley’s “Bands”

Today on The SMC Podcast I did an interview with an old friend and fellow pastor, Derik Heumann. I found the whole conversation enlightening, especially as both of us are adamant about blending the different streams of the church into the Free Methodist Churches in which we serve (I have been known to blend a…