I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

In this episode we talk about our favorite and least favorite moments in Star Wars, and then chat about the Jedi, politics, and power and how it overlaps with current Christianity. Listen: Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts. Spotify.

Revelation and Christian Nationalism

I know I’m being redundant here, but it’s really important to call out the kind of Christian thinking that added into the attempted insurrection this week. In the book of Revelation there is what might be described by some as a “glorious letdown.” The whole court of Heaven hears that the lion of Judah has…

Magical Themes in Entertainment for the Discerning Christian

Recently on our Nerd Church Discord (click the link to join us), a friend said, “I want to hear people’s thoughts on anime when it comes to the supernatural/demonic. Is there a place for some anime and where do we draw the line?” What seemed like a quick, innocent question turned into a day long…

The Biblical Power of Worship Music

A morning devotional on the power of worship, with a few minutes of music at the end so that you can kick your morning off with song and prayer. This video was made for the Facebook Group “Unify Jackson.” Should you desire it, I’ve also uploaded a PDF for further reading, footnotes, and so on.

The Holy Spirit

Reveal Jackson is right around the corner and what better message in our Fantasy IRL series at Nerd Church to get us ready for it than a message on the Holy Spirit’s role in the Trinity, the world, and our lives. Check it out in preparation for what God is going to do this weekend….