A Canopy of Glory

At the end of all things, Isaiah sees the fullness of God’s presence being installed on the earth amidst those who have remained faithful to him. Jamin goes on to explain how we can catch glimpses of this manifest presence even today. Listen: Apple Podcasts. Spotify. Google Podcasts.

The Angel of the Lord Becomes Human?

Every year I hope to learn something new about the Christmas story, because it’s nice to preach a new perspective on an old story we all know. So here’s my Christmas thoughts this year. Throughout the Old Testament, God sometimes appears to people in physical/visual form. Sometimes this visual form is known as the Word…

The Biblical Power of Worship Music

A morning devotional on the power of worship, with a few minutes of music at the end so that you can kick your morning off with song and prayer. This video was made for the Facebook Group “Unify Jackson.” Should you desire it, I’ve also uploaded a PDF for further reading, footnotes, and so on.

God’s Loading Bars

It’s important to be willing to wait for God when you are looking to connect with Him. Remember, strength does not come upon us in a moment as we beckon the Lord, but as we wait upon Him (Is 40:31). The image of a loading bar popped into my head one day while reflecting on…