The Different Callings of Church Leadership (APEST)

While all Christians are “called,” those who are called to lead the church often fit into one of five different Biblical callings. In this episode we take a deeper look at those different positions and explain how all Christians are also called to pursue each position in some way.

Preaching on Controversial Themes

Sometimes people tell pastors not to preach on controversial themes in order to keep the peace (which is no peace). I fear we’ve done just that. Because a Gospel-living-Christian is bound to be controversial by definition. After all, they follow a man who was controversial enough to get the electric chair. If our words, actions…

Ancient Bible Poetry & Modern Worship Music

There’s an ancient Egyptian story about a bored Pharaoh who called a prophet into his court to entertain him. In order for that prophet to compellingly prove that he was hearing something divine, his words were expected to be “a poetic and well-polished literary form that would represent the speech of the gods” (Marvin A….

One Prophetic Word, Two Opposite Interpretations

This may sound odd, but we can actually hear an authentic word of God and somehow misunderstand or misconstrue it. This is evidenced by an interesting story from Paul’s life towards the end of Acts. On the next day we departed and came to Caesarea, and we entered the house of Philip the evangelist…. and…

The Paradox of a Prophet (Pt 6)

Since God can change prophetic words of blessing or judgment based on the free will of human response, we come to realize a strange paradox in the prophet’s job: “a successful prophet is precisely the one who does not see his prophetic word of judgment come to pass.” (Hays, Christopher M. When the Son of Man…