Scott Smith’s, “Killing a Sex Demon”


A little over two years ago I released my first audiobook. It’s kind of a bizarre story. I had made a narrator account on ACX and was then reached out to by a guy from Texas who had listened to my samples and was wondering if I could narrate his book. It was a memoir about his testimony of being sentenced to life in Jackson State Prison, where he got saved by Jesus and turned his life around.

I agreed to it and narrated and released his amazing testimony on Audible. I figured he had reached out to me to do it since I live in Jackson, MI, where he had been sentenced to prison. But apparently, he had not realized that when he reached out to me. What are the odds?

He reached out to me again recently and asked me to do a short poetic synopsis of his book (which you can listen to above) called, “Killing a Sex Demon.” I thought I’d share it with you as it really is an amazing testimony. I’m going to get him on the 1208PODCAST in two weeks to share more of his story as well.

You can check out his audiobook here or search for a physical copy on Amazon.

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