Alien Abduction Stories & the Occult

As odd as it sounds, many modern day alien stories have a lot of demonic overtones. As Walter Martin points out in his book, The Kingdom of the Occult,

From a Christian standpoint, those who communicate with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings have always delivered messages contrary to the Bible. This can be attributed in a large part to the occult methods that they employ when they receive their messages. Christians may not have ready answers to every question about UFO sightings, but in the face of extraterrestrial doctrine, no question remains as to the source of the messages: spiritual beings opposed to God’s truth and thus, demonic in nature. (Martin, Walter. The Kingdom of the Occult, p. 370.)

It doesn’t take long to prove Martin’s point. Just take a look at some of the UFO religions out there. The founder of Swedenborgianism used the occult means of astral projection to gain insight from supposed spirit beings on other planets. The founder of Theosophy used occult spirit channeling where the aliens possessed them in order to use their voice to communicate and their hands to write with. The Urantia Foundation used trance channeling in which aliens dictated a message to a psychiatric doctor through a patient of his. The FIGU Society and the International Raelian Movement both used telepathy to communicate with aliens. The Unarius Academy of Science received telepathic and psychic communications from aliens and they teach on things like reincarnation and clairvoyance. The Aetherius Society, which believed that UFOs would bring the earth into the New Age used occult channeling and taught clairvoyance—they even taught that Jesus moved to Venus after his resurrection.

The Christian that is awake to the supernatural recognizes the origins of all of these false UFO religions. These cult leaders are the servants of demons and they’re being played. Their messages are born out of occult techniques and their teachings are riddled with demonic lessons. Why would aliens that are capable of traveling across the universe require humans to use spiritual techniques to communicate with them?

In their deception, these tricky little demons know how to relate to the people of our time. They don’t need to convince people that they’re spiritual beings to mislead them, but rather they can use the facade of aliens, because the 21st century mind will bite at a spiritual message like that. And unfortunately, their elaborate scheme works on many.

If you’re paying attention, you can’t miss the demonic themes. While stating his own research in an interview, Michael Hesier points out that,

It’s about messaging…. what people are told when they supposedly come in contact with an alien and things that are done to them—that kind of thing. It’s not a coincidence in my mind—and again, this isn’t unique to me—but when you take the contactee messaging and you actually look at what’s being said, it is, honestly, very anti-Christian. It’s very anti-biblical worldview. And so that just raises some questions immediately. Why would an extraterrestrial feel the need to undermine this particular faith and not any of the other ones? And then when you look at the abduction rituals—I think we can almost call them that—and compare that, like, to satanic ritual abuse procedures…. it’s really kind of startling. And then when you actually get into abduction literature and you notice that a lot of the content, again, mirrors like, medieval accounts of demonization…. that is highly suggestive that we have something sinister going on. (, time: 7:03.)

In this interview, Heiser references a list from a 1992 M.I.T. conference on alien abduction in which Jacques Vallee and John Keel made comparisons between alien abduction accounts and satanic ritual abuse survivor accounts. The similarities are disturbing. To name a few, both accounts have perpetrators that are reptilian creatures, “men in black,” or “shadows in the mind.” The messages communicated from both aliens and ritual abusers are, “We will return,” and “Do not tell.” The aliens also tell their abductees to breed while ritual abuse survivors are forced to breed.

In both accounts there is amnesia, bonding, memory loss, drugging, the feeling of being trapped, paranormal experiences (ESP, out of body/astral travel), terror, fear, anxiety, paranoia, deep painless wounds, headaches, sleep difficulties, visual disturbances, sexual disturbances, nightmares, depression, humiliation, obsessive thoughts, PTSD, fear of hypnosis, and suicidal feelings. There is also pain. Alien abductees say they, “Feel like I was being torn apart,” while satanic abuse survivors say they, “Feel like they tore my heart out.”

Many things are done against their free will on both sides of the coin. There is rape, impregnation, and collection of sexual secretions. They are also both forced to watch films of destruction.

The average age at the first alien abduction is 5-6 years old while a satanic ritual abuse survivor is initiated at about 6. And while a few alien abductees claim they have a history of incest and physical abuse, most of the ritual abuse survivors have those histories.

These are just some of the sick comparisons between the two that researchers have found. There’s a dark malevolent force at work in the world and when we face the facts we can see that alien encounters very much line up with demonic encounters. Every last case may not be demonic—some people may be psychologically unstable, lying, abused, or even brainwashed—but it seems obvious that the demonic is very much at play in the conversation of alien abduction stories.

With this being said, while I’m not against the possible existence of aliens in our universe, the conversation changes when we talk about aliens having visited our planet. Could it happen? Maybe. But if it ever does, it will require a lot of discernment on our part as to if we’re dealing with actual aliens or demons.

This is an adapted excerpt of my book, Alien Theology. You can continue the conversation with our JXN Cloud episode below.

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