New Singles

Two things I’ve always enjoyed doing: Writing music and making people laugh. This has always made any attempts at a serious music career kind of strange, since on one hand I write a lot of serious worship music (I’m working on a new project right now) and on the other I like to write a bunch of weird songs for a chuckle. But even though I figured this enigma would look weird on any given streaming site, some friends encouraged me to throw a few joke songs up for streaming. So, that being said, you can listen to my recent holiday song, Pajiminies, and my weird rock/screamo song, Potato Chips, up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. Both came with the help of my brother Joel Bradley and one of my best friends, Matt Shott. Check it out if you want a few laughs! Just search for Jamin Bradley.


Potato Chips

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