The Chaotic Waters

To the Bible writers, the sea was chaos. No one knew everything that was out there and it seemed to go on forever. The violent waters were there in the beginning before God started ordering the world and so the sea was seen, in a sense, as unordered chaos that continued to be a dangerous place. It held monsters like Leviathan and violent storms could rise up out of them in a moment.

Right now, the world has its own chaotic waters rising up. Therefore, it’s important for the Christian to put their attention on the one who can walk on the waters—on the face of chaos. The one who can rebuke a storm whether it be physical or spiritual. The one who can take on the ultimate chaos of death and still win. It’s essential to focus on Jesus.

We must keep our eyes on the resurrection hope ahead of us: A world so incredibly redesigned that there is no more sea (Rev 21:1). For chaos in all of its forms will be done away with when Heaven finally meets earth in full. There will only be order and peace left to partake in.

And so the question remains: If the kingdom of Heaven is to come right now and God’s will is to be done in this time through Jesus’ followers, what are we doing to lessen the chaos and calm the waters? Or are our eyes focused on something else, causing us to stir them up in non-sacrificial and unloving ways?

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