New Music Live on Streaming Services

My Spotify and Apple Music pages (as well as other music services) now hold quite a bit of new and old music that I’ve written. Just search for “Jamin Bradley” if you’d like to stream any of it for free 🙂


Niche Music (2020) – A brand new album consisting of a random assortment of songs I’ve recorded over the last decade that blended well together in genre that’s a bit hard to pin down. But altogether it has overtones of electronic music. Many of these songs never found a home on an album until now. Special appearances by Andrew Grzyb and Amy Cheek.

Whisper Hymns (2020) – Some public domain hymns stripped down into slow, soft, acoustic lullabies.

Glory (2018) – An ambient album created with a hollow body guitar and a Strymon Big Sky pedal.

Songs from the Mount (2018) – Acoustic renditions of a number of worship songs I had written based on different Bible passages. Some of them were meant for meditative use after different messages I had preached at church.

Of Lampposts and Lions (2017) – Probably my favorite album I’ve made to date. I like to rely on creative experimentalism so much that my music often becomes flawed by it. But I always felt that this album couldn’t have existed without experimentalism. It tells journeys from all 7 of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books by using music and sound effects. If you know the books well, you’ll enjoy it all the more. If you don’t, I don’t know what will happen 😛

Shockwave (2016) – A collection of fully recorded worship songs I had written.

Molecules Are Bowing Down (2015) – Acoustic versions of worship songs I had written from college and into my first few years of pastoring.


In Your (The Sun Will Rise) (2020) – A brand new recording of one of the first songs I ever wrote with my high school band, Trilogy.

Sunflower Beanstalks (2020) – A brand new song with nonsensical Coldplay lyrics (unless you know the story behind it). It’s got a bit of an 80’s sound to it. Before it had lyrics I simply called it, “The Shining,” since the main synth effect reminded me of the theme from the movie, “The Shining.”

The Kingdom of Heaven (2020) – A brand new full band recording of one of my favorite worship songs I’ve written. It starts feeling a bit modern, but it’s got a little bit of an old school David Crowder feel by the time it’s over.

I Can’t Breathe (2020) – A single that interweaves Biblical themes with social justice for black lives.

Pajiminies (2020) – A strange happy hardcore holiday song I wrote with Matthew Buddie Shott.

Potato Chips (2020) – A strange song about potato chips I wrote with Joel Bradley. Special Japanese narration appearance by Matt Shott.

Seasons of Michigan EP (2019) – Four piano tracks that work to capture the emotion of the seasons of Michigan.

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