Political Double-Mindedness

It’s strange, but when I think of the whole Clinton affair case, I have this vivid memory of learning about it from my friend as we were biking a few blocks from my house. I can remember the exact location we were in. Maybe the memory is vivid because I didn’t know what an affair was before that moment. Maybe the memory is vivid because of the surprise of a moral-lapse in a president. Or maybe the memory is vivid because of the anger many people expressed over the case—especially Christians.

I hope this helps to explain the vast confusion that many younger Christians feel with the unceasing evangelical support of Trump. The same church that taught us that character has everything to do with a good leader has ignored story after story of moral-lapse in Trump’s life and presidency.

Now while I don’t believe in “fake news” per se, I will actually agree that the media can be petty towards Trump. There have been many quotations he’s made that have been taken out of context. Likewise, there are some articles written that are just petty in the judgments they make. But there are also countless critiques and articles that should carry significant weight for Christians—and many of those articles came out before he was even elected. Yet some have excused him and fought for him every time, whereas Clinton was condemned once and for all.

In the end, we younger Christians have been taught to “draw attention to” and to “ignore attention on” the character of a president based primarily on one question alone: Do they claim to be both Christian and republican?

This kind of double-mindedness cannot live on. It is now our character as Christians that is in question. We must set aside our undying loyalty to all other things and all other people and focus it on Jesus alone. For Jesus is our President and Heaven is our Kingdom.

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