Jesus on the Throne

I’ve seen a lot of “Jesus is on the throne” statements today. Just a reminder (as many others have already pointed out) that Satan has a throne too. The earth is a war zone between the two thrones, and though Jesus has already won the battle, he has not yet brought about the final end of the enemy yet. Therefore, what we do to bring Heaven to earth and who we elect does matter, even though Jesus is on the throne. Indeed, the things we do as Christians further installs Jesus’ throne and overthrows any ground Satan holds. We are not just in the middle of spiritual warfare—we are a part of it.

We must keep our eyes on Jesus’ throne always and fully obey only Him, regardless of what happens in the election. Indeed, much of the problem with this particular election has been that so many Christians seem to have been looking at a different throne and fixing their eyes upon it. If we’re defaulting to, “Jesus is on the throne,” because the candidate we chose is at risk, then we must consider the possibility that our eyes were primarily on a different throne before that moment.

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