The Great Sex Rescue

Today I read The Great Sex Rescue and can confirm that this is the “Christian sex” book of “Christian sex” books. Anyone who grew up in the purity culture with me should read this for an essential critique on the teachings we grew up with. There has been a lot of sexual teaching in the church that has been highly damaging to our perceptions of self, others, marriage, temptation, intimacy, and sex itself.

And it has been especially damaging to women, as you might imagine, seeing as how most of our previous books on the topic were written by men. The three women who authored “The Great Sex Rescue” call us back to sanity, calling out bad teaching and its bad fruit, and calling us to actual purity—not just before marriage, but in marriage as well. They turn our eyes toward the intimacy of sex and not just physicality of it.

I consider this book essential reading and it will be the book I take people through in pre-marital counseling for now on. I’ll also be offering to buy a copy for those I have already counseled, seeing as how I recommended bad books to them.

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