10 Years a Pastor Today

I was appointed as a pastor to 1208 Greenwood 10 years ago today. Having served in the church my whole life, I thought I had a good idea of what I was in for, but I was wrong. There is far too much to this job that school can never teach you about—experience has to do most of the teaching in the crash course of life, bringing about both highs and lows.

It has been quite a journey for me over the last decade. There are some skills I’ve really nailed down, some that I’m still figuring out, and some that have somehow gotten worse with time. Many thanks to my 1208 friends for the immense amount of grace they’ve given me over the last decade as they’ve watched me grow in all of that. Your constant support keeps both me and this church community going through thick and thin. Over the last decade, you have shown yourselves to be quite bold for the Kingdom of Heaven, stepping out into faith to do things we never foresaw ourselves doing all those years ago. I’m proud of you all and consider it a blessing to serve alongside you.

I have often walked to church with the prayer, “God this is your church, not mine. Teach me how to lead your people well.” Here’s to another decade of working to remain firm in that prayer as it kicks itself off on the heels of covid. May we remember all the new friendships we’ve created, experiments we’ve tried, service projects we’ve done, supernatural miracles we’ve seen, and all the other amazing things God has done in us and through us over the last decade as we continue to press forward in bringing Heaven to Jackson.

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