The Songs of Tolkien and Romans

In the Silmarillion, Tolkien pictures God singing a song and Satan trying to improve on it until he’s ultimately offering a different song. Paul sees something similar in the song of order being sung in Eden and the song that humanity has sang instead via Sin. We talk more about that in today’s episode as we continue through Romans.

You can listen to today’s 1208PODCAST episode here or wherever you stream your podcasts.

Casting Nets 1208PODCAST

Peter's miraculous catch of fish had more to say about ministry than it does about fishing. In this message, Jamin explains what this story can teach us about the relationship between Jesus, evangelism, and the church.
  1. Casting Nets
  2. The Healers of Heaven
  3. The Exorcists of Exorcists
  4. Walking in Faith
  5. A Bigger Pro-Life Ethic

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