Jacob’s Holy Rock Pillow

There are quite a few sacred spaces that appear throughout Genesis, and one of them is discovered by Jacob in a dream. While sleeping he sees a stairway to Heaven, complete with “angels ascending and descending it”—a phrase that Jesus himself will use in the New Testament. What’s going on here? Dive deeper with us into today’s episode to find out! After watching today’s episode or listening to it on the podcast, join us below or on our Discord for more conversation! http://www.jxncloud.com/discord

The Angel of the Abyss JXN Cloud Podcast

The first four angelic trumpets fly by pretty quick in Revelation, but things slow down when the fifth trumpet sounds. Suddenly there's an angel with a key to the Abyss and weird locusts and all kinds of things. Who's this angel? What are the locusts? In this episode we frame the angel as a bad guy, which is taken by many scholarly interpreters. In the next episode we'll address the possibility of it being a good guy.

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