Jacob’s Holy Rock Pillow

There are quite a few sacred spaces that appear throughout Genesis, and one of them is discovered by Jacob in a dream. While sleeping he sees a stairway to Heaven, complete with “angels ascending and descending it”—a phrase that Jesus himself will use in the New Testament. What’s going on here? Dive deeper with us into today’s episode to find out! After watching today’s episode or listening to it on the podcast, join us below or on our Discord for more conversation! http://www.jxncloud.com/discord

Jesus Writes to Smyrna JXN Cloud Podcast

Of the seven churches of Revelation, Jesus writes the shortest letter to Smyrna. While Jesus has no critique to offer them (unlike most of the other churches) he does have an intense word of warning for them. Join the conversation on our Discord: http://www.jxncloud.com/discord

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