Death Stranding (Key of Gsus) Playlist

Every once in a rare while I come across a video game or movie soundtrack that just really does it for me. In the case of this post, it’s the soundtrack for the video game, Death Stranding. When I first heard about this game, I was deeply intrigued as a sci-fi fanatic and quite put off by the fact that the game more or less revolved around delivering mail in the apocalypse. Unlike many people, I tend to grow bored with open-world games. As beautiful as they are, there’s often too much to do and it takes too long to get everywhere. If I’m gonna spend that much time walking, I might as well burn some calories in the real world.

But I eventually bought the game and it ended up being one of my favorite games ever made. It’s the kind of game that’s hit or miss for people, and for me it was a surprising hit. The big thing that did it for me was its uniqueness and the beautiful universe it painted with its strange soundtrack, Icelandic hills, and unexplainable sci-fi/fantasy storyline.

I haven’t come across a ton of music like that which is featured in the Death Stranding soundtrack, so I thought I’d make my own playlist from some great Christian artists to keep the genre going. You can check it out below or on Spotify. I’ll continue to add to it as I come across more tracks in the months to come.

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