Four Months Premature

Mahesh Chavda had a huge problem. His palm-sized, one pound, three ounce son had been born four months premature and he was supposed to be getting on a plane to do ministry in Africa. The tension was real as the Holy Spirit and his wife told him to go.

He eventually reached Kinshasa where 2,300 people were present. It was there that he prayed for a woman and the cancerous tumors that covered her body vanished right in front of everyone. This story got around and thousands more showed up to the next meeting. So many were healed that night that even the witches and sorcerers that came to disrupt the meeting repented and gave their lives to Christ.

While the revival continued, a man in town lost his six year old son. As he prayed that God would bring his son back to life, he heard the Holy Spirit say, “Why are you weeping? My servant is in the city. Go to him.” He did.

Eight hours after the child had died, Mahesh heard the Holy Spirit say, “There is a man here whose son died this morning. Invite him to come forward. I want to do something wonderful for him.” Mahesh spoke this into the mic and the man ran forward. They prayed together and then he bolted back to the hospital to find his son alive. Mahesh, too, would return home from ministry to find his son alive and well.

Whether it’s a woman who had been sick for twelve years or a little girl who had just died, Jesus proves throughout Luke 8:40-56 that nothing is outside of his ability to heal. We serve a powerful and compassionate God.

*This devotional was created out of the themes of Luke 8:40-56 found in today’s reading at This story is recorded in Jack Deere’s book, Surprised by the Power of the Spirit.

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