Jesus-Orchestrated Evangelistic Dreams and Visions

Kamal walked into one of Cairo’s crowded markets, positive that God wanted him to be there, but unsure as to why that was. He found his answer when a Muslim woman pointed at him and shouted, “You’re the one! You were in my dream last night! Those clothes. You were wearing those clothes. For sure, it is you.”

She went on to explain how she walked alongside a lake with Jesus in her dream. She had never experienced any love quite like what she experienced in Jesus in that dream, nor had such peace ever been put in her heart. After Jesus told the woman that he loved her, had given everything for her and died for her, he then gave her the following instructions: “Ask My friend tomorrow about Me. He will tell you all you need in order to understand why I’ve visited you.” Jesus then showed her Kamal in the dream, wearing the exact clothes he had on now. Kamal then went on to explain the gospel to her.

It is God who saves souls, not us—but God desires to cooperate with us in order to save souls, sometimes speaking to two people separately in order to orchestrate an evangelistic moment. In the Book of Acts, God sent an angel to a non-Jewish man named Cornelius, instructing him to send some men to invite the disciple, Peter, over to his house. When those men arrived at Peter’s house, Peter had just had a vision of his own, which was hinting him toward reaching non-Jewish people with the gospel. When Peter’s vision was over, the Holy Spirit told him that he had sent some men to pick him up.

Peter and Cornelius and Kamal and the Muslim woman are not alone. Such stories have happened all throughout history and are still happening today. In fact, it has become quite commonplace for Muslims to meet Jesus in dreams and visions before they really know who he is, and there are many such stories. Ad space has even been taken out in the Cairo Times, stating, “Have you seen a man in a white robe in a dream? If so, call this number…”

*This devotional was created out of the themes of Acts 10:1-16 found in today’s reading at This story and many more like it can be found in Tom Doyle’s book, Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?

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