Potato Chips Music Video

Growing up, both my brother and I loved making ridiculous videos. That being said, we got a little bored last night and after about 5 hours, had written, recorded, and edited this ridiculous music video about potato chips. Enjoy.

My New Comic Book is Out!

I have always loved comics but have always been horrible at drawing. That being said, I decided to make horrible art a staple of my comics. Using the calligraphy pen feature on one of my apps, I drew a bunch of stick figures and made the main focus of my humor their facial expressions. Most…

The Bradley Bunch: Episode 1

  In this new side podcast with my kids, we talk about all things virtual reality, Moana, Tiny Toon Adventures and the ABC’s.

In the Spirit of Riffing on Old Movies

About every three months, RiffTrax Live comes to theaters and I make my way there to watch some of my favorite comedians make fun of some of the worst movies ever made. It’s hard to explain the feelings these events give me. My friends come along to watch, but I don’t think they ever really…