In the Spirit of Riffing on Old Movies

About every three months, RiffTrax Live comes to theaters and I make my way there to watch some of my favorite comedians make fun of some of the worst movies ever made. It’s hard to explain the feelings these events give me. My friends come along to watch, but I don’t think they ever really understand why it makes me so happy.

We didn’t have cable growing up so I wasn’t introduced to Mystery Science Theater 3000 until some 10+ years after it had started. When my brother found it on TV and showed it to me in middle school, I immediately fell in love. I loved filming horrible videos growing up and watching these guys make fun of them just made my day. But unfortunately, it was difficult to catch the show on TV. We never knew when it would be on, so outside of buying the movies at the store, we maybe only saw 5-10 episodes growing up, but the rarity made it all the more special.

That being said, I couldn’t have been happier I discovered that some of the guys behind MST3K had started their own thing called RiffTrax. Every time I watch it I find myself back in the basement of my house, laughing with my brother and our friends. And when RiffTrax Live comes to theaters, I treat it like a holiday, doing my best to make sure that I can get to the theater to see it. This past year I even got to see MST3K Live with my brother at the Royal Oak Music Theatre.

All of the to say that my brother and I, along with our wives, made a little tribute to MST3K/RiffTrax for a little Christmas event we had last night. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Joseph Pearson

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