Isaiah Stands in the Divine Council

As Isaiah approaches the throne room of God, he agrees to take on a task that God needs someone to fulfill. This brings about images of the divine council worldview of the Bible. But what is a human doing there? We talk more about that in this message.

The Wonderful Counselor & Mighty God

Who is human/divine Son that is the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace? Isaiah hints at something spectacular: The Angel of the Lord. Watch above 23:31 minutes in, or listen to it on the 1208PODCAST on season 11, episode 11.

Guest on Michael Heiser’s Podcast

I was excited to join 3 other pastors from across denominations on Dr. Michael Heiser’s The Naked Bible Podcast to discuss teaching the Bible’s divine council worldview in our churches. It was cool to learn from these other pastors and to be able to express some of what I’ve seen over the years. Check out…


Throughout the first 15 chapters of Revelation we’ve watched Christians get killed and be called into suffering like their master, Jesus was—a sacrificial lamb slain on behalf of both his friends and his enemies. The life of the Christian in the book of Revelation is in chaos and yet John, the author of this book,…

The Divine Council

As Christians, we are monotheists—that is to say that we believe that there is only one God and He has created all things both physical and spiritual. However, there’s a disconnect between the way we understand monotheism today and the way the Bible understood monotheism. For us today, it means that God is the only…