The Cosmological Government

When we think of government, we often miss the much larger picture the Bible paints of the physical and spiritual worlds blending together. In this message, I look at Romans 13 (which is often misapplied for people to endorse anything their favorite political leader does) and set it in the larger cosmological landscape of the Bible.

Don't Tithe 1208PODCAST

This may be the most financially dangerous message Jamin has ever preached! Or if you catch the point of it, it may be the most financially empowering! In this message, Jamin explains how tithing is an Old Testament notion, not a New Testament one. Giving to the tabernacle and giving to the church are two different kinds of ideas, grounded in different customs and cultures. Christians are never called to "tithe 10%" per se, but to give generously as the Spirit leads them. Check out this message for more details or James D. Quiggle's book, "Why Christians Should Not Tithe," for all of the research this message is built upon.

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