The Forbidden Arts

As we continue our series in Isaiah, the prophet calls out Israel’s use of mediums and necromancy. The church often says “No,” to these things, but rarely explains why. In today’s message we explain why God forbids such things.

The Holy Spirit

Reveal Jackson is right around the corner and what better message in our Fantasy IRL series at Nerd Church to get us ready for it than a message on the Holy Spirit’s role in the Trinity, the world, and our lives. Check it out in preparation for what God is going to do this weekend….

The Satan

The story of Satan is found in both the Old and New Testament, but it takes a bit of time and research to see how this character works out. In this 1208-Bit *Nerd Church message, we follow the progressive revelation the Bible relates to us on who the Satan is. Listen to this episode on…

Interpreting Joseph’s Dreams

When I was a kid I thought Joseph’s dreams in the Old testament were straight up gibberish. To me, it was as though a dream was a bunch of binary code and Joseph was a computer. You simply feed the binary code into the computer and it comes out meaning something, but otherwise it’s just…

Bible Dreams & Dreamers

Psychologists and western culture have taught us that dreams are nothing more than our subconscious sorting things out. This, of course, isn’t untrue. We have these kinds of dreams all the time. Our brains are constantly going, whether we’re awake or asleep, so by all means, we are bound to dream. It’s simple science. But just…