Is the Famous “Angel of the Lord” in Revelation?

There is an angel found all throughout the Old Testament that seems to be “God in physical form.” Even scholars point this out, some going so far as to say that this is Jesus pre-incarnate. This idea is further enforced by the fact that this main Biblical character is suspiciously missing in the New Testament—EXCEPT for maybe in one passage in John’s Revelation.

And who better to bring up the Angel of the Lord than John, since throughout his gospel, John seems to make references to Jesus being the same person who was “God in physical form” throughout the Old Testament!

So what’s going on here? Does John compound the themes of Jesus and the Angel of the Lord in his apocalypse? The JXN Cloud team dives into some important passages to discern if this is the case! This conversation can get technical and we’ve tried not to be too overbearing on all of that.

If you want to go even deeper on the themes found here, check out episode 355 of Dr. Michael Heiser’s, “Naked Bible Podcast,” where he explains all of the overlapping themes between Jesus in Revelation and the Angel of the Lord throughout the Old Testament.

We also suggest checking out Heiser’s book, “Angels: What the Bible Really Says About God’s Heavenly Host.” This will take you even deeper into some of the same information he gets into on that podcast episode. Don’t forget to join our Discord server and continue the conversation with us in our online church hub!


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