Our Empowerment Houses in the News

“‘It gets disheartening to never have answers for people’s big problems,’ Bradley said. So 1208Greenwood is working to launch Empowerment Houses, which will provide transitional housing for the homeless and work with them to provide basic needs and help stabilize their lives.” Thanks to Marie for writing up this article for our #GivingTuesday campaign! Check out…

Empowerment Houses for the Homeless

Our #GivingTuesday campaign has begun and you can give quickly and directly via Facebook! What are we raising money for? Well that all starts with a story: Around the start of 2019, our church received word that Loretta—a neighbor of ours—had ended up in the hospital and wasn’t expected to survive. At the same time…

Treasure Hunters

In today’s podcast message we look at two short parables and then illustrate them through the life of a man from history. Check out this podcast episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

The Poor Advantage?

A minister from a popular church released a book a few months back about wealthiness. I skimmed a good portion of it only because I had previously enjoyed the minister’s teachings in the past and I wanted to know what he was saying before I made any judgments. I did not read it because I had…

Why We Empower People

Working off of Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett’s book, When Helping Hurts, and his own experiences, Jamin explains the importance of empowering people. Poverty comes into our lives in many other ways and if we want to bring wholistic healing to each other, we must look beyond financial issues to find the deeper roots at play….