A Heavenly Reward

In today’s podcast, Paul offers a metaphor that interprets in a rather surprising way: While Christians are saved only by faith and belief in Christ, our works as Christians play a part in a reward to come in Heaven. Working with this metaphor, I survey similar explanations of the afterlife through Jesus’ teachings and then invite us to let Christianity get so under our skin that our focus becomes entirely Heaven-focused. We don’t need to live lives full of earthly riches now, but lives aimed at Heavenly riches later. And if we let Heaven get under our skin enough, we may just find that even basic things like sex and money can be called into question.

Check out the audio of this message on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. (If the episode is not there when you check the podcast feed, subscribe to the podcast on Apple’s podcast app and it will show up soon.)

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