R&R Review

Thanks to Scott Smith for his review on my audiobook version of The Rush and the Rest! The Rush and the Rest is a powerful book that seems to span a lifetime of not only spiritual experience but in-depth research as well. The book has an unprecedented balance suitable for not only the seeker but also…

New Audiobook Just Released!

What a relief! No audiobook took me longer to record than the one for my latest book—and due to the holidays, no audiobook took longer to get approved than this one! That being said, audiobook listeners, I’m happy to finally release to you, “The Rush and the Rest.” See if the preview interests you and…

Jesus Was Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Many of us have made Jesus so inhuman that he becomes, as Paul Wallace says, a lot like Superman: he’s an alien, an immigrant from an unearthly realm sent to us—yes, by his father—from the heavens. He looks like one of us but is not really one of us. Like Clark Kent, his humble exterior…

Parables: The Rush & the Rest Preview

According to Jesus, He spoke in parables so people wouldn’t understand. Apparently, we need “the secret of the kingdom of God” (Mk 4:11) to see the meaning being concealed.

Spiritual World: The Rush & the Rest Preview

  The Bible believed in a highly supernatural world and confirms it all throughout its writings. The battle between good and evil spiritual forces is one of the broad narratives of Scripture and my new book, The Rush and the Rest, aims to paint this picture for us in detail.