Parables: The Rush & the Rest Preview

According to Jesus, He spoke in parables so people wouldn’t understand. Apparently, we need “the secret of the kingdom of God” (Mk 4:11) to see the meaning being concealed.

Spiritual World: The Rush & the Rest Preview

  The Bible believed in a highly supernatural world and confirms it all throughout its writings. The battle between good and evil spiritual forces is one of the broad narratives of Scripture and my new book, The Rush and the Rest, aims to paint this picture for us in detail.

Christian Identity

In today’s podcast I dive into the large strokes the Bible paints of the spiritual realm from Genesis to Revelation and how it relates to Christian identity. As it ends up, though we live humble and meek lives, the Christian is no little deal and infused with power from the Holy Spirit. This picture is…

Book Trailer

My new book, The Rush and the Rest, is out now! You can grab a physical or Kindle copy on Amazon 🙂

My New Book JUST Launched!

If you’re an eBook kinda person than you’re in luck! My new book JUST launched minutes ago on Kindle! If you want to read it before everyone else, all you gotta do is head over to the Amazon store and check it out ^_^ The physical copy will be out sometime in the next few days…