Ancient Bible Poetry & Modern Worship Music

There’s an ancient Egyptian story about a bored Pharaoh who called a prophet into his court to entertain him. In order for that prophet to compellingly prove that he was hearing something divine, his words were expected to be “a poetic and well-polished literary form that would represent the speech of the gods” (Marvin A….

The Biblical Power of Worship Music

A morning devotional on the power of worship, with a few minutes of music at the end so that you can kick your morning off with song and prayer. This video was made for the Facebook Group “Unify Jackson.” Should you desire it, I’ve also uploaded a PDF for further reading, footnotes, and so on.

Early Church Services

Everyone today loves to fight about the right way to “do church.” Every last variant of a church service seems up for grabs to debate. We argue about, songs, instrumentation, liturgy, communion, traditions, on-stage symbolism, message presentation, lighting, Bible translation, appropriate practice of spiritual gifts, acceptable clothing and the list goes on. Everyone thinks they…

Growing with the Spirit

Before I got to college, I knew little about the Holy Spirit. But by the time I graduated, I was a different person. During my college days, I played in a worship band with some friends at a Pentecostal church and we took our music on the road a handful of times. It was there…

Whose Son?

After the religious leaders try to trap Jesus into saying something stupid over and over again, Jesus decides to lead them to into saying something they would rather not admit. Check out this podcast episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.