Our New Model of Church

I am so excited for this next season of ministry at 1208! In just a few short weeks on September 11th, we’ll be launching a new model that hits on the core of who we are and what we’ve been trying to do in our community. Let me see if I can quickly summarize it here:

9am | The Lord’s Breakfast

Check out our newly created potluck cereal bar and then gather around a table with your neighbors and get to know them over your favorite bowl! Communion is naturally infused into this meal every time we gather since that’s how the early church did “The Lord’s Supper”—or in our case, “Breakfast.” This natural form of communion points us (1) to the past of what Jesus did to offer us salvation, (2) to our present equality in how we are all cut from the same loaf and poured from the same glass despite our many differences, and (3) to the future feast we’ll share in the resurrection.

10am | Worship Service

Our teaching aims to be two main things: (1) deeply researched and (2) illuminated by the Holy Spirit. Our music looks to enthrone God on our praises and uses the genres of all tribes, tongues and nations to add inflection to our lyrics. For example, since its conception, hiphop has always addressed issues of injustice and we see something prophetic in that. Jazz carries within its organized-spontaneity something reminiscent of what it’s like to follow the Holy Spirit. The blues encapsulates the darkest valleys of the Psalms and EDM gazes out on the world from the brightest mountains of resurrection. Ambient music creates meditative space to meet with the Holy Spirit in the quiet, while the loud noises of rock give us the space to party. Jackson is a multi-cultural city, as is the Church, so we often create live remixes of modern worship songs.

11am | Kingdom Ministry

We long to take care of both the physical and spiritual needs of our community. Jesus was clear that truly following him meant caring the marginalized, so our Sunday service consists of an open time of ministry where various donations have come in to help others, be it clothing, food bank supplies, or other resources. From time to time, we will also have local organizations from around Jackson visiting to help with specific topics. Our prayer team will also spend this time praying for healing, deliverance, and intercession for anyone in need. We can’t wait to see what miracles God has in store for those we pray over!

I’m excited to see where God leads us in this next season! Help us get the word out by sharing our link and writing a little blurb about us in your post 🙂 You can learn more at http://www.1208greenwood.com

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