Black Friday Deal: A Taste of Jesus Book

The Kindle edition of my new book is 70% off today for Black Friday! Many of the posts here on my blog have been excerpts from the book, so if you’ve enjoyed them, this should be up your alley. You can also catch an excerpt of it on Relevant Magazine. Grab it for $2.99 this weekend and thanks for your interest and support! It gives me the passion I need to finish my upcoming book.

Here’s a review from one listener of my audiobook version.

Jamin Bradley delivers content in this book that is full of beautifully constructed reminders and stories that teach the reader. Each topic is thought-provoking, real, relevant, and needed. I, especially, found the chapter on joy convicting. “If we want to find joy, we need to simply turn our attention to God and embrace the happiness we find there.” Thank you, Jamin, for a great read!

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