The Already But Not Yet

The Gospel of Mark has been forcing me to preach on a lot of eschatology at church lately. Today we took a look what theologians call, “the already but not yet”—an understanding of our currently place in spiritual history based on a tension we find all throughout the Scriptures. A Biblical Theology of the New Testament  puts it succinctly.

The outworking of God’s salvation is seen by Hebrews in an already/not yet tension, as in the New Testament in general. The decisive era in the fulfillment of God’s promises has been reached or inaugurated in Christ, so that in some sense the fulfillment is already present. But the consummation has not yet come, and significant events in God’s program are eagerly expected in the future.

This topic is fresh on my mind as it’s a section of the new book I’m working on, The Rest & the Rush. The topic becomes crucial for understanding our place as Christians in the world and our work under the Holy Spirit. Check out the podcast for this morning’s message.

Check out this message on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Photo credit: Luca Baggio

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