Chameleon Evangelism

So often the church takes Biblical truth and shoves it in people’s faces without first submerging themselves into the world of those they’re trying to reach. Such evangelism requires little sacrifice on our parts and ignores Paul’s only evangelistic method to “become all things to all people.” If we truly want to reach people, it often requires more effort than bold statements—though it doesn’t mean we water down the Gospel either.

If in the end we are not relatable, then we can hardly be heard. God, of course, gives us the ultimate example of this truth: He puts on skin and comes and lives among us as Jesus to show us exactly what God looks like. He chameleons himself into the people He’s reaching. He wears their skin, their culture, their understanding, their world, and in doing so, He clearly shows them who God is.

And so, this kind of chameleon evangelism is expected of us to an extent, too.

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