Prevention Advocacy

Out at the state Capitol for Michigan Prevention Advocacy day. Be spending the morning and afternoon with friends from “Drug Free Jackson” to help make state representatives aware of our city’s current state in relation to drugs and to growing opioid epidemic.

I hear stories of people saving their friend’s lives from overdoses as commonplace and I know when our church shut down Celebrate Recovery, one of the program state reps called and said they couldn’t keep one open in Jackson. Part of me wonders if addiction just feels that hopeless in our town sometimes.

I spoke to our city council in the citizen comments section a few weeks ago as I was moved by their hearts to join a lawsuit with other cities across the nation to fight how wholesalers have helped create the opioid crisis. I’m glad to see them try to make a difference in higher level laws in that way.

It’s often difficult to figure out what to do, but for the sake of the countless people who want out of addiction and can’t seem to get out, it’s worth joining the conversation.

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