Why We Embrace Change

As 1208GREENWOOD Church gears up to alter their model this fall, it’s important to talk about why a church might even need to change in the first place. The answer is pretty easy to see if we just take a look at our ordinary everyday lives. In today’s podcast, I address how we all have the ability to pick up some pretty nasty habits over time, which, if not kept in check, will eventually hurt us or even kill us. The church is very much the same. If we do not stay healthy as a church by embracing community, mission and communion with God, we will eventually get hurt and we may even die. The body of the Bride of Christ must stay healthy just as our normal bodies must. And it’s into this analogy that I dive in today’s podcast.

Check out today’s episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play. (If the episode is not there when you check the podcast feed, subscribe to the podcast on the podcast app and it should show up soon.)

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