A Tribute to Grandpa

After Grandpa passed, I had two voicemails from him on my phone. One of those voicemails was a return call from him, thanking me for leaving a voicemail that prayed for his healing. Unfortunately he couldn’t say much because someone came in the room and he had to hang up, but I ended up using that voicemail as the only spoken word on my instrumental Narnia album sometime back.

The track I used it on was “Aslan’s Country,” which is the final track on the album. If you don’t know the story of Narnia, it ends with Aslan’s (the allegorical Jesus) followers entering into Aslan’s Country (the allegorical Heaven) and continually going, “Further up and further in” that place. It’s there that C.S. Lewis paints a beautiful picture of being reunited with old friends who have also gone there.

Grandpa’s voicemail painted for me a very powerful symbolism that still brings me to tears when I listen. While he never found the full healing I hoped for him here in the “already” of Heaven, He lives on now with God as we wait for the “but not yet.” The voicemail relates to his sudden going, but still has this expectation of seeing him again, while the music tries to paint the picture Lewis draws of us continually going further up and further in to the Kingdom of God.

Fast forward to the end of the video to hear the voicemail or download the track here.

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